Campaign 2014

Mike with Senator Carl Levin

Mike at the 2013 Centreville Fair with St. Joseph Democratic Party chair Denny Bradley, Mark Schauer, and UAW local 2093 president Kevin Hobbs

With marchers on MLK Day in Cassopolis

Addressing the St. Joseph County Bar Association

With Mark Schauer, our future Governor!

Mike with four Republican primary candidates and the president of the St. Joseph County Bar Association after addressing their monthly meeting in Sturgis on March 10th

Press Release  3/16/2014

           Mike Moroz Announces for State House  

Mike Moroz of Dowagiac will run for the open seat in the Michigan State House of Representatives, District 59, which includes most of Cass County and all of St. Joseph County.  Cass townships not included in District 59 are Howard, Milton, Ontwa and Silver Creek, which are part of the 78th District.  

Moroz, 51, was born and raised in Dowagiac, and resides in his 1877 restored home "Bock House" just off downtown.  He attended Dowagiac Union high school and MSU, and has many friends, family and extended family in the area. 

 He has owned and operated Double M Painting Services, a division of Bock, Inc, as a licensed commercial and residential painter since 1998. 

Mike is president of the Underground Railroad Society of Cass County, a non profit organization whose mission is to tell the story of the UGRR in this area. The group is currently restoring the historic James E. Bonine House on Penn Rd. and M-60 in Vandalia.  He is also on the committee working to restore the 1899 courthouse in Cassopolis, and is a charter member of the Main Street Michigan group seeking to rehab downtown Cassopolis.

His passion for rehabilitating historic buildings and restoration of downtown areas can benefit the 59th district. "This district is rich with historic sites and buildings which provide  great opportunities for cultural tourism destinations, bringing in tourist dollars and preserving our heritage."

Moroz, a Democrat, ran for this seat in 2012, and knows the commitment it takes to run for office.  "It's a big responsibility and I take it seriously.  Our citizens need to know what their representative stands for, and that he will do what he says he will do.  Not only am I a better candidate, I am a better citizen for having run before, and spoken with so many residents of the 59th District about the issues that impact their daily lives."

As for why Mike is running now he says  "we need to bring balance back to Michigan's legislature, and work collectively to improve the lives of hard working men and women in this State, by strengthening our public education system, creating jobs, repairing roads and infrastructure, and limiting the tax burden on middle and working class citizens." 

Mike can be reached by phone at 269-782-8056 or email 

"Why I Am Running in 2014"

Hello, my name is Mike Moroz and I am a candidate for the State House or Representatives, District 59, encompassing all of St Joseph County, and Cass County with the exception of Ontwa, Silver Creek, Howard and Milton Townships.  Born and raised in Dowagiac, I am a lifelong resident of Michigan and treasure this State, and this District. 

I’ve owned Bock, Inc., a property maintenance business, since 1998 and am a licensed Maintenance and Alteration Contractor.  I am president of the Underground Railroad Society of Cass County , a non-profit organization, currently restoring the Bonine House in Vandalia.  I am also working with county officials and interested citizens on saving the historic Cass County courthouse, and am on the committee to improve downtown Cassopolis. I believe in preservation and restoration--both of our historic homes, towns and villages, but also of the values and way of life that made us who we are.

In my free time I enjoy the outdoors, hunting and fishing.  I am devoted to preserving and protecting Michigan’s public lands, open spaces and waterways.

Growing up in a single mom household, I know what it's like for a kid to go without, and I learned at an early age the importance of a social safety net.  I attended MSU, but couldn't afford to stay;   I am committed that no promising student will have to leave college for financial reasons.

Many people ask why I am running for office.  I ran for this seat in 2012 when I found out the current Representative was unopposed and was going to walk back into office without answering to his constituents.  I reviewed his voting record and was appalled at what I saw.  Laws were being put in place by him and his party which were designed not to create jobs or make life better for the people; but instead were an extreme, overreaching, power grab designed to increase the strangle hold on the people.  Most of these laws were crafted by a small group of ultra wealthy, out-of-state, special interest groups dedicated to imposing their agenda on the citizens of Michigan. 

During that campaign, I warned of a doubling down on these extreme policies and sure enough, it happened.  We have seen the ‘Right to Work’ Law further weaken the position of our unions.  We saw the dismissal of the people’s voice with the implementation of another ‘Emergency Manager’ Law --and the voters of Michigan cannot vote on it ever again.  And we have seen passage of a law which requires women to buy special insurance to cover the cost of miscarriage, incest or rape.  This law, too, cannot be overturned by a vote of the people.

Fast forward to 2014, there is an open seat in the House for this District.  I am running again because, even though I will have a different opponent, my opponent’s party remains the same -- unresponsive to voters, insensitive to the people, and influenced by outside interests. 

My former opponent claimed he could not push back against his party because he would be ‘shut out’ of the process.  I contend, how will my new opponent be able to vote his/her conscience? 

Do you hope your Representative will listen to you and do the right thing?  Or do you want a guarantee that your Representative will do what he says he will do?  I give you that guarantee.  I am independent minded, beholden to no one and will vote an informed conscience that represents my constituents.  I will not be disabled by outside interests or party politics.

One party runs our State--  Governor, State Senate, State House and Michigan’s Supreme Court.  That should make all of you very nervous, it does me. 

It’s time for more balanced government in Michigan.

We must allow the people’s voice to be heard.  Your vote must count.

Send me to Lansing so you are truly represented.

I ask for your support and your vote on November 4.  Thank you.